7 Engagement Session Locations in Pennsylvania That Won’t Disappoint

July 7, 2023

A couple holding hands and standing in front of a covered bridge at one of the best engagement session locations in Pennsylvania.

Your engagement is such a special time, not only to start planning your life together but also to celebrate your love for one another! A great way to kick off this time is with a photoshoot to capture this moment in time, and there are so many amazing engagement session locations in Pennsylvania to choose from. 

As a Pennsylvania-based photographer, I’ve done the rounds and have shot at a ton of different spots around the state. While each and every couple is going to be different, there are a few locations that I have been to with my couples that I have absolutely loved! 

If you’re still looking for the perfect spot for your dream photos, check out some of my top engagement session locations in Pennsylvania! 

Top Engagement Session Locations in Pennsylvania 

Fort Hunter Mansion and Park, Harrisburg, PA

Fort Hunter Mansion and Park is a stunning park right in Harrisburg. The grounds span 40 acres of land and have countless spots to escape to have an intimate moment with your partner. Throughout Fort Hunter Mansion and Park, you can find a mansion, plenty of trails to walk along, and so much more. 

There is a river that you can walk around that offers beautiful views, as well as a few different fields that you can stop by and enjoy together. Not only are the walking paths and rivers amazing but there is also the Everhart Covered Bridge. This bridge was originally built back in the early 1880s and was rebuilt in 2006 after the original bridge burned down. Today, it is the perfect spot to stop by for a unique photo with a perfect rustic vibe! 

Harrisburg Capitol Building, Harrisburg, PA

When you’re thinking about engagement session locations in Pennsylvania, the Harrisburg Capitol Building may seem a bit odd. However, the Capitol Building is a stunning building and offers a beautiful backdrop for any couple. 

On one side of the building, there is a massive staircase leading up to the building itself that will give you that grand and main character moment. Head to the other side of the building for a beautiful fountain with split staircases behind it. This offers you not only a beautiful photo spot in front of the fountain, but the smaller staircases are perfect for a more intimate moment. 

Finally, I love that you can get beautiful views of the city from the front steps of the capitol. Honestly, you can’t go wrong with any location around this area, and is a perfect choice for any couple. 

White Cliffs of Conoy, Marietta, PA

If you and your partner are looking for something a little more rooted in Nature, then the White Cliffs of Conoy in Marietta, PA. This is a beautiful nature preserve right on the Susquehanna River. 

Less than an hour from Harrisburg, this stunning cliffside offers you and your partner expansive views along the waterside. The white cliffs themselves stand out starkly against the blue water and bright green trees and really make your engagement photos pop. 

Whether you walk through some of the dips created in the rocks or venture out towards the cliffs to look out in the distance, you will not be disappointed. 

Downtown Lancaster, Lancaster, PA

A great choice for any couple looking to move around a bit during their photoshoot is to just head down to downtown Lancaster. There is so much to do and see in this area, and you can spend the day getting lost and finding hidden gems or visiting some of the places you love to go to together. 

If you are looking for a little inspiration, Lancaster Central Market is a great farmer’s market in a beautiful building. Lenox Lane is a small, hidden street that is brick lined and partly covered in ivy. 

There are also various murals around the city that are not only beautiful but can also help add a pop of color to your photos. Finally, to catch an aerial view of the city, head up to a building or parking garage rooftop for that perfect, magical picture! 

Longwood Gardens, Kennett Square, PA 

If you are searching for engagement session locations in Pennsylvania with tons of color and nature, Longwood Gardens may be just the place for you. The botanical gardens span more than 1,000 acres giving you and your partner plenty of space to explore. 

One of the things I love about the Longwood Gardens is how vast the scenery is throughout the garden. There are six different districts around the garden that range from forest-like landscapes to lakes to the beautiful conservatory to a massive European-style garden with massive fountains. 

You can spend hours here getting lost across the whole park, so if you do choose this for your engagement session, we do recommend that you head over for a visit before your shoot. This will allow you time to explore the grounds and pick out a few of your favorite spots to head to when it is time to step in front of the camera! 

Overlook Park, Lancaster, PA 

Overlook Park is a great spot for a quiet day with you and your partner. There is a beautiful pine tree forest at the park that has a small path through the middle that you can walk along. 

This is a great place to choose for your engagement session if you’re looking for a sunrise/sunset shoot. The sun cuts through the trees and filters the forest with beautiful light that will make your pictures stunning. 

Alongside the pine tree forest are grassy fields where you can spread out a blanket and get cozy with each other. You can even pack a small picnic to share together during your photoshoot! 

Your own wedding venue 

Finally, your own wedding venue can be the perfect place to take your engagement photos. Some venues may offer access for your engagement session included in your package or as an add-on when you book the venue. 

Let’s be honest; you picked your wedding venue for a reason, whether it is a sentimental spot for you and your partner or is just the dream backdrop you always wanted for your wedding. This means it’s already the perfect place for you and your partner to celebrate the start of your new life together. 

Plus, an added bonus is that you get to explore your wedding venue a bit and become a little more comfortable there before you walk down the aisle and say, “I do”! 

Top Tips for your engagement session

When it comes to your engagement session, there are a few tips that I always recommend to my couples. 

First, choose a location that reflects you and your partner. This can be where you had your first date, your favorite spot to go together, where you got engaged, etc. This will not only help make you more comfortable, as you are already familiar with the area, but it will also make the photos more sentimental and meaningful. 

Along with choosing a location that reflects you, you can also incorporate activities that you and your partner love doing together. Do you love hiking and exploring nature? Head out to a park or a local mountain to take your pictures. Are you always reading together or playing games? Bring some of your favorite books or games to play during your shoot. 

Finally, make sure you wear comfortable clothes. While I’m sure you want to look your best, you also want to make sure you feel your best. If you’ve never worn a suit before, this may not be the first time you try as you may feel a bit stiff. Whether you buy a new outfit or wear your tried and true favorite one, make sure you can move around comfortably and confidently! 

Final thoughts: Best Pennsylvania Engagement Session Locations

With endless options of engagement session locations in Pennsylvania, there is no doubt that you will find the perfect spot for you and your partner to kick off your wedding celebrations. Now that you know a few of the best places for your engagement session, do you have the right photographer to capture this moment? If not, click here to take a look at our engagement session options, or head over here to get in touch!

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