A Fun Loving Valley Green Inn Wedding with Julia and Alexis

June 21, 2024

A couple feeding cake to one another at a Valley Green Inn wedding.

Picking your wedding venue is an exciting process but it can also feel like there are so many choices out there. With all of the different styles, amenities, locations and more, finding the right venue for you and your partner can take some time, but it is definitely worth the effort. 

As a Pennsylvania wedding photographer, I have been to so many venues throughout the state and recently I was able to capture a beautiful wedding at the Valley Green Inn. This is such a great venue for an outdoor wedding with the perfect tented reception area for you and your guests. 

So, if a Valley Green Inn wedding is on your radar, here is a bit more about the venue and some inspiration for what your wedding day could look like there! 

About the Valley Green Inn Wedding Venue

Exterior of a white building that says Valley Green.

If you and your partner are leaning towards an outdoor wedding ceremony, Valley Green Inn is a dream spot to be. They have a beautiful ceremony site where you are just surrounded by nature. Plus, it is literally right on the river so you get to tie the knot with the calming sounds of the water behind you. 

This river also runs through other parts of the property so it creates the perfect place for you and your partner to take some portraits throughout your wedding day. 

When it comes to your cocktail hour and reception, you can head over to their courtyard and patio areas which are both covered to enjoy the night with your guests. As the sun goes down, the twinkle lights come on making this space feel even more magical. 

When it comes to your actual wedding, there are also so many things that are included. Everything from the drinks, champagne toasts, hors d’oeuvres, a cheese board, food, and even a wedding cake. You can even choose if you want to have your dinner as a sit down meal or a buffet (and not have to change what you can actually get!). 

Overall, this is a beautiful venue with a great vibe and it creates such an amazing place for you and your partner to start this next chapter of your lives together. 

Inspiration for a Wedding at the Valley Green Inn

If that all sounds like exactly what you are looking for, here is some inspiration for your own Valley Green Inn wedding! 

Getting Ready

If you want something fun and different as you get ready for your big day, finding a local hotel or Airbnb for you and your wedding parties to get dressed in is a great option. Alexis and Julia chose to do this and they picked a really unique hotel in the area, the Chestnut Hill Hotel. 

I also always love when fun and personal touches are added to each part of your wedding because at the end of the day, you are here to celebrate the two of you and your connection. 

Now, this can look like a lot of things, but these two got matching Hawiian shirts with their cats’ faces on them and it was so amazing. They also got custom embroidered Converse that they could change into for the reception and let me tell you, having a change of shoes can be game changing! 

First Look

A first look between two partners on their wedding day outdoors.

Now, I know there is still some debate on whether or not to do first looks, but I love them. If you are planning on doing one, doing it wherever you are getting ready (whether that is at the venue or someplace else) is always a great option. This way you’re not trying to go too far or pack everything up and move around before you actually do the first look (and risk seeing each other in the process!). 

These two opted to do it at the hotel and it was such a great spot for it. There was a really cool outdoor seating area with some colorful artwork that made their photos look so unique! 


Just like I mentioned earlier, you’ll get to say your vows surrounded by nature and the water. This is such a great place to have such a special moment and the entire setup is perfect. You can walk right out of the inn and they have a small runner to go over the ground as you walk down the aisle. 

Plus, since there is so much natural beauty around, you don’t even need to decorate the area much. Julia and Alexis just had a simple square arch decorated with some white flowers as their backdrop and it was so beautiful. 

Cocktail Hour and Portraits

If you’re not planning on doing your first look at the venue, odds are you’ll want to get some portraits around the area post ceremony. So, while your guests go off to enjoy the cocktail hour, you and your partner can walk around the grounds a bit to have a bit of privacy and capture those special moments. 

Anywhere along the river is so beautiful and you may even catch up with some ducks or geese along the way. We actually had to take a break for a minute to let a family of geese walk by and it was one of the most memorable moments. 

There is also a really beautiful, stone bridge that goes over the river and I would definitely recommend heading down that way to capture it in the background of your photos! 


A couple parties during their reception.

Once you are ready to get the party started, you can head into some of the covered areas on the property for your reception. They really keep up the natural feel and beauty of the grounds even in these covered areas and they are the perfect place to celebrate with your friends and family. 

And believe me, there is plenty of space for you and all your guests to party the night away together. We even had some people dancing in their chairs! 

Overall, the area creates an intimate atmosphere without feeling too crowded and since you are outside, you get plenty of fresh air to keep you going all night long. 

Final Thoughts on the Valley Green Inn Wedding Venue

So, if you are looking for a great outdoor wedding venue for your big day, the Valley Green Inn wedding venue should definitely be on your list. The atmosphere is so amazing, the nature surrounding the area is beautiful, you’ll get a ceremony site you just cannot beat, and the perfect place to celebrate with all of your friends and family. 

At the end of the day, you want to make sure that whatever venue you choose matches the vibe and the vision that you and your partner are looking for. Whether that is something a bit more simple, or something more extravagant, your wedding is for you so find somewhere that really makes the both of you excited. 

And, if you are still looking for the perfect photographer to capture your dream wedding wherever that may be, I would love to chat. Being a part of this special day and getting to capture memories for you and your partner to cherish forever is one of my favorite things about being a wedding photographer. 

You can click here to learn more about my wedding photography services or you can head over here to get in touch with me and start planning out your own dream wedding!

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