How to Tell Your Personal Brand Story

May 31, 2024

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When it comes to how to tell your personal brand story, there are so many different ways and tips out there that it can be hard to get clear advice. This article is here to help you so that you can have unforgettable photos for your brand!

I’ve photographed quite a few amazing brands as a Pennsylvania brand photographer. Through my photographing and working with brands, I’ve really honed my craft and walked away with tips to help business owners like you know exactly how to stand out amongst the internet noise.

Keep reading for all of my best tips for how to tell your personal brand story. (Psst – you might want to grab a notebook; these are good!)

5 Steps on How to Tell Your Personal Brand Story

Think about your why

First things first, you want to get really deep into your why. I know, I know; you’ve probably heard this a million times before, but it really can make a difference. By getting deeper into the root of your why in your business, you’re able to start to figure out how to show that creatively when telling your personal brand story.

Here are some of the questions I recommend you ask yourself:

  1. Why did you feel drawn to this line of work?
  2. What is your brand mission?
  3. What made you passionate about this line of work?
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These can be either simple or deep reasons. For instance, maybe you started because you want to show others that doing what you do is possible, too. Or maybe it’s been a lifelong dream of yours to do exactly what you are doing right in this very moment. Perhaps it’s because your great-great-grandparent did this too and you’re creating a family legacy by doing the same. No matter what it is, we can use it to help tell your personal story. 

Discover what actually makes you different

This is the one tip that I know will probably be the hardest to work through… but I promise you that it’s worth it. In the service-based industry, so much of your brand is personal and is all about you. Embrace that and be authentic.

There are many different things that could make you stand out amongst others in your industry. Just to help you come up with a few starting points, this could be things like:

  • Your specific process. Maybe you have a different way of doing things than others in your industry following a unique framework or process that you use with your own clients.
  • Your offer itself. Perhaps you include something in your offer or service that’s different than others out there. This could look like being a videographer who includes a Spotify playlist that can be listened to during the video shoot to help keep the vibes high. Or even being a social media manager who doesn’t just repurpose content but also helps plan out TikToks and Reels by writing scripts for clients.

The key here is to think of things that you do that can’t really be replicated. That’s because there are technically always going to be people who could be cheaper or faster than you. 

If you’re not sure where to start, ask family and friends, or even comb through your past client reviews. See if you can draw any common threads through what people say about you. Usually, you’ll walk away with at least a thing or two that makes your business stand out.

Plus… at the end of the day, there is no other business run by you, right? So, with that, your business is always different.

Put your impact first

Next, think all things impact. What impact do you want to make for your clients? Focus on that as you tell your personal brand story.

This is important because your audience isn’t just interested in what you do… they want to know why it matters. If you can highlight the positive change your business is bringing, you can help to connect with your audience even more. This will also help to put your commitment to making a difference at the front of your business. It’s one of the easiest ways to stand out against others in your industry.

Impact also easily inspires action. If you can create a brand message that can rally other people, even if it’s as small as spreading positivity, others will be inspired to join and take action, allowing you to have more dedicated customers or clients.

Lean into your values

How are we already on tip 4? Try to take the time to lean into your values. What do you care about? Why do you care about that? Dive into how that drives you in your business.

For instance, maybe you care deeply about sustainability and eco-friendly practices. Because of that, you employ eco-friendly practices in any print-related products in your business, like creating gift boxes that are 100% recycled and recyclable. It’s little things like that which other people will notice.

In general, it’s good to have around 3 brand values that really drive your business. If you’re even unsure of what could count as a brand value, definitely just do a quick Google search for adjectives, and you can usually find a bunch of words that will spark some ideas for you.

Work with a photographer

Last but certainly not least, you’ll want to get photos taken that reflect all of the topics we just discussed. Once you have a clear image of what your brand is, take photos that represent that! Many people are visual, so being able to see you be you or see your services in action will make it easier on them to imagine themselves working with you.

This is because people buy from people. There’s a reason that there’s been a rise in UGC and influencers the past 10 years. It’s because as humans, we’re all more likely to buy from a person, not a brand. When you can put a face to your brand (yes, even when your brand is named after yourself like mine is!) then others will feel more connected to you.

Close up of the back of leopard print Converse sneakers that say KEP embroidered on the back.

I also wanted to share a few quick tips for working with a photographer for your brand photos:

  1. Wear your brand colors and pick clothing that matches your brand’s aesthetics. If you’re ever not sure, neutrals are a great fallback option. 
  2. Use props that represent who you are as a business owner. If you’re a hair stylist, bring your scissors and other necessities. If you’re an artist, bring your paint and color palette. (We can, of course, find clever ways to use these in the photos… but they’re great to bring.)
  3. Have fun. It can be so weird being in front of the camera and somewhat uncomfortable. It’s okay, I get it! I’ll work with you to make sure that you feel more like yourself, but a lot of that comes with having fun. Comfort will soon follow.

Final Thoughts: Telling Your Brand’s Story

Well, there you have it! I hope you’ve enjoyed this blog post on how to tell your personal brand story. Whether you’re new to the online business space or you’ve been around the block a few times, you deserve brand photos that really tell your unique story. How else are you meant to stand out? 

Are you still looking for a brand photographer for stand-out photos that tell your story? I’d love to learn more about your brand. Click here to get in touch!

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