Appleford Estate Wedding with Tiffany and Josh

September 1, 2023

The Appleford Estate wedding venue with a large stone building with a perfectly manicured garden of green bushes in front of it.

Are you thinking about having an Appleford Estate wedding? Well, you’re in the right place!

Appleford Estate is a breathtaking Pennsylvania wedding venue located in Villanova, Pennsylvania. This venue dates back to the 17th century and is one of the most breathtaking garden-style wedding venues in the area.

I’m a Pennsylvania wedding photographer and have been lucky enough to capture so many lovely weddings throughout the state, including a wedding at Appleford Estate between Tiffany and Josh. I can truly vouch for the beauty of this venue, and I’m so excited to share with you what makes it so great.

Keep reading to learn about having an Appleford Estate wedding, including a special peek at the wedding between my couple, Tiffany and Josh.

About the Venue: Appleford Estate

A brick path leading through a green garden on a sunny day.

Before we dive into the beautiful Appleford Estate wedding photos, let’s discuss what makes this venue so great.

For some background, Appleford Estate is a garden-style wedding venue in Villanova that was actually once owned by William Penn. It grew a lot over the years, and eventually, an investment banker purchased it and reconstructed the entire building. The banker and his wife traveled throughout the USA and Europe a lot, and much of what was collected on their travels can still be found throughout the house in the 21st century.

The venue is filled with gardens that are perfect for everything from weddings to senior photos and even engagement photoshoots. What’s so great is that if you’re considering having a wedding here, you’ll be happy to hear that the venue is open to the public when there aren’t any private events going on.

Amenities at Appleford Estate

A stone statue in the middle of a garden with a walking path around it.

To make your wedding day a breeze, Appleford Estate provides so many incredible amenities. You can find everything from outdoor lighting to a piano to even complimentary wedding party suites on-site.

Plus, there’s a large parking lot, full kitchen facilities, and venue set up and clean up so you can focus on enjoying your big day. You do have to choose from a list of theirs for catering, and music does have to end by 10 p.m.

Appleford Estate Wedding Cost

Evenly cut green bushes in a garden area with a large stone building behind it.

Wondering how much an Appleford Estate Wedding will cost? You can expect to invest around $5,500 to $8,500 for a rental fee as of summer 2023. This usually includes a reception and ceremony for 5 event hours. Plus, there are 2 hours of wedding party room use.

There is also a refundable security deposit, which is normally around $2,000. You can book extra hours, too, for around $500.

Be sure to reach out to Appleford Estate directly to double-check pricing, as it may vary depending on the time of year.

Appleford Estate Wedding Reviews

A dark wooden room with two wooden chairs next to a desk with a lamp on it. Over the desk hangs a portrait of a man.

Appleford Estate is a very well-loved wedding venue location! It has just shy of a 5-star rating at 4.7 stars as of August 2023. Most wedding reviews rave about the beauty of the gardens and the ground, saying it really felt like a dream.

You can check out specific Appleford Estate wedding reviews here on Google.

An Appleford Estate Wedding with Tiffany and Josh

Now, onto the fun part! Tiffany and Josh reached out to me to photograph their spring wedding at Appleford Estate in Villanova, Pennsylvania. During our consultation call (which I love having with couples to make sure we are a good fit), the conversation flowed so easily between Tiff and I. We knew we’d be a perfect fit!

Capturing the Details

Two white suede shoes with dark soles laying on top of a veil.

When the wedding day finally rolled around, we started the day off with detail photos. These types of photos are perfect for getting real close shots of small parts of your wedding day that you want to remember, like the place settings, the venue, and even your wedding outfits. 

Josh had a special surprise for Tiff, as his shoes had their initials and wedding date engraved on the soles. The details were breathtaking, so I, of course, had to take a photo of it! 


A groom and groomsmen in casual outfits walking together on a lawn with garmet bags slung over their shoulders.

Josh and his groomsmen got themselves hyped up for the wedding day by having a grand entrance. I captured that as well with some fun game day photos!

Tiff started her day off by doing her own hair (which is just gorgeous, right??!) and doing finishing touches at the venue with her side of the wedding party. I absolutely loved capturing both of them doing their own thing before the ceremony officially began.

Ceremony Time

A bride and groom holding hands and saying their vows at their wedding.

When it was finally time for the ceremony to start, Tiff and Josh got to see each other for the first time. First looks are always the best and some of the most memorable moments that I get to capture throughout the day!

Josh’s reaction truly brought tears to my eyes. The love that Tiff and Josh have for each other is so apparent. Josh’s dad performed the ceremony, which made it even more special. 

The Property

A bride and groom kissing in front of a small pond as the bride's veil floats in the wind.

We were able to explore the property quite a bit throughout Appleford. By doing this, I was able to capture beautiful portraits of the newlyweds, being sure to show off Tiff’s veil at the Appleford Estate wedding. These are always some of my favorite photos!

I also captured the gorgeous florals throughout the venue, which were done by M Floral Designs. The arrangements truly helped to bring the vibe alive, adding a special ambiance and touch to the entire setup.

Dance Party!

A black and white photo of a group of wedding guests dancing at a reception.

When the party finally started, the guests cheered as Tiff and Josh entered their reception. After dances, speeches, and dinner, the party began. If there is one thing about Tiff and Josh, they know how to throw a party. (And if there’s one thing about me… I LOVE to capture them! These end up being some of the most fun photos from the entire day.)

The dance floor was filled up all night long (and there was even some karaoke). Tiff and Josh were raised up in chairs for the hora, and you could just feel the love and positive energy from everyone!

Oh, and one of the coolest things occurred during the evening… one of the bridesmaids SANG Tiff and Josh’s first dance song (so talented)! Tiffany and Josh also hand-wrote notes to each and every one of their guests, which added such a special touch to the entire event.

Tiff’s father bought a wine the year Tiffany was born to be opened on her wedding day. The wine was shared between both Tiffany and Josh, along with Tiffany’s father and Josh’s parents. The night officially came to a close, with Tiff and Josh’s guests surrounding them in a massive group hug.

Final Thoughts: Wedding at Appleford Estate

Needless to say, this breathtaking Appleford Estate wedding is one for the books. Tiff and Josh had the best time and everyone that they cared about worked to make the event even more memorable. Plus, I had the absolute best time being able to capture the entire day!

Are you still looking for the perfect wedding photographer in Pennsylvania? I’d love to learn more about your love story and see if we’d be a great fit. You can click here to get in touch!

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