Stand Out Florist Photography for MK Florals

November 10, 2023

Florist photography showing a woman putting together a flower arrangement.

Branded visuals can make all the difference for your business. Florist photography is no different! Brand photography has become more important than ever; we live in a visual world, and scroll-stopping photos will get you one step closer to getting sales.

In this blog post, we’ll delve into the details of a brand photography session I did for a florist. Plus, I’ll even share some tips and tricks if you’re planning on getting brand photos taken sometime soon!

Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur (see what I did there?) or more established in your floral business, you’ll want to keep reading to learn all about florist photography.

Meet the Featured Florist: Mary Kate of MK Florals

Mary Kate is the creative force behind MK Florals. She is currently working on redesigning her website to give it a fresh new look and wants professional brand photos to go along with it. Getting florist photography with my branding session package was the perfect fit!

Mary Kate also wanted to use the photos on her social media so that she could visually communicate with her audience what she does and who she is. We scheduled a branding session and captured fun headshots, but mostly focused on the services that she provides.

Luckily, Mary Kate made this easy by bringing along a few of her stunning floral arrangements that we were sure to highlight throughout her branding session. We even got a few action-oriented shots when she worked on an in-progress piece to capture her in her element.

Like many of my clients, Mary Kate did share that she felt shy and awkward behind the camera; I’ll be honest, I totally relate to that! One of my favorite parts of being a photographer is helping to put you at ease, so I assured Mary Kate that I would provide guidance and make it a fun experience with different prompts (including what to do with her hands).

Tips for Getting Florist Photography

Now that you know a bit about my client, Mary Kate, let’s go over some tips for getting brand photos as a florist so that you can really stand out visually!

Tell stories through the photos.

You’re not just selling flowers; you’re selling an integral element that will be there forever alongside grand moments and memories. The best way to showcase that is to tell a story with your brand photos.

When someone sees your brand photos, you want them to feel like they are all about your business. They know what you offer, they know your brand vibe, and it could even give them insight into what it would be like to work with you.

Some good questions to ask yourself are: what’s the vibe of your business? What is your unique selling point in the floral market? If you have a shop, you can even go as far as to get photos of the little things, like your favorite vase, the sign above your shop door, or even the signature apron you wear.

You can also heavily lean on your branding. If you’ve worked with a brand designer before, you may even have a brand guide that you can refer back to that will give you some insight into your messaging to make sure that it all stays cohesive.

Plan pre-session.

Planning pre-session is one of the most important parts of getting floral photography that actually represents you and your brand.

First off is the location; your shoot location truly does set the entire mood. You could go for a studio location or even a place where you commonly work. This could be a workspace in your own home or a shop if you own one. 

What you wear is also really important. You want to wear something that feels natural to you so that you’re comfortable while also being on-brand. If your brand is bright and bubbly, maybe some fun overalls with vibrant colors would do the trick. If you cater more towards luxury clientele, something with clean lines and classic styles would be best.

And remember, the outfit that you wear shouldn’t overly compete with your floral arrangements. You don’t want to clash or overpower them!

Build a brand photo shot list. 

Believe it or not, creating a mood board or even starting a shot list can help out your brand photographer tenfold when it comes to getting brand photos taken. 

If you’re wondering where to start, consider making a Pinterest board. Pin a bunch of inspirational photos that speak to you and match your brand. This could be everything from specific poses or even setups. Then, share this with your photographer!

Bring all the props.

When I say this, I don’t just mean any props; I mean the tools that you use every day that can easily tell the world what you’re all about. Maybe it’s that trusty pair of scissors that you’ve had forever, the apron with your initials embroidered on it, or even a vintage watering can. These are all part of your story.

Believe it or not, props can also help you relax. It can definitely feel a bit weird sometimes just standing there getting your photo taken. I totally understand that! But when you’re holding your favorite vase or arranging a display on a table that you always use, it’s going to feel a lot more like home. Your photos will appear a lot more candid this way.

Consider showing seasonal variations.

Some flowers are seasonal, so you could also consider showing some of these seasonal variations in your brand photos. Or, even better, try to schedule a few brand shoots throughout the year to capture seasonal flowers and arrangements that tell the story of each season.

Then, when that season rolls around, you’ll have content ready to go that will resonate with what people are feeling and even searching for at the moment. This can also help to keep your content fresh.

Be mindful of where you’ll use your photos.

Every business will be using their brand photos differently. When it comes to florist photography, you’ll most likely be using your photos primarily on your website and social media and potentially print brand materials if you are doing any networking or in-person marketing.

You’ll want to keep that in mind when planning out the types of photos you want. While vertical imagery is a lot more scroll-stopping on Instagram, horizontal imagery is what slows a scroll on a website. Make sure to let your photographer know where your photos will be used.

Find a photographer that matches your brand’s style.

All photographers have their own signature editing style. While there are some photographers out there who will edit in any style, this isn’t something super common to see. You’ll want to find one that matches your brand specifically!

For instance, if your brand is very vibrant and colorful, find a photographer who edits in a bold style that can easily fit in with your brand colors. If you are super dark and moody and perhaps mostly create floral arrangements for mountain elopements, then you’ll want to find a photographer with a bit of an edgier style.

This is one of the elements of hiring a photographer that most clients don’t know about, but if you think about it, you wouldn’t hire a dentist but ask them to cut your hair, right? No – they are two totally different things. The same goes for editing styles!

Get photo bursts or videos if you can.

Video is one of the easiest ways to gain attention, and if you’re a florist, this is something you’ll definitely want to tap into. Because your work is so heavily action-oriented, it’s important to showcase that movement!

Ask your photographer if they offer any video services, even if it’s just vertical B-rolls that can be used as video backgrounds for Reels, TikToks, or even Instagram stories. These can also be used on your website to add some fun movement.

Alternatively, you can also ask your photographer to get some “photo bursts” of you arranging flowers that, when put together, appear like a GIF. This is another really fun element that can make your imagery stand out in your market.

Final Thoughts: Photography for Florists

Whether your florist brand is new or in full bloom, the right florist photography can be as vital as sunlight is to a flower when it comes to your brand’s growth. By following these tips, you’ll not only be prepared to capture the essence of your work but also ensure that each image helps to tell your brand’s story.

Every florist has their own unique vision and style; if you’re still looking for a brand photographer to take photos for your business, I’d love for you to get in touch. Click here to contact me or here to learn more. Let’s plant the seeds for your success together!

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