Best Vegas Themed Wedding Ideas for an Extraordinary Day

May 17, 2024

A pink and orange invitation design for Vegas themed wedding ideas.

If you’re interested in Vegas themed wedding ideas, you’re in the right place. Everyone loves and knows what Vegas wedding looks like – they’re usually fun, colorful, and sometimes a little bit edgy. But what if you could have that be your theme for your big day without even having to fly to Vegas?

I’m a Pennsylvania wedding photographer… so, getting to Vegas is no easy feat! However, it’s totally possible to take inspiration from a Las Vegas wedding. Throughout this post, you’ll learn exactly how and get a look into a styled shoot I did with inspiration from Sin City.

Keep reading to learn all about Vegas themed wedding ideas.

Vegas Themed Wedding Styled Shoot

In late 2023, I got an idea to plan out a Las Vegas inspired styled shoot. The imagery that I was seeing online is truly what inspired me most, especially the bright, fun colors with neon pops of bright pink and orange.

I knew that I wanted to include lots of fun backdrops and really embrace a maximalist feeling throughout the shoot… the more, the merrier. I connected with Brooke of Sunbursts and Stardusts to help bring my vision to life, which I called “Lucky in Love,” playing into the Las Vegas inspiration.

After creating and sending a mood board to our team of vendors participating in the shoot (see the full list below), we got to work! Curating and selecting the pieces to be in the shoot was what took the majority of the time, but it was a lot of fun. We also got custom-made backdrops from Creamery Hill

We were even able to connect with a photobooth Company, The Majestic Photobooth Co., to use their vintage photobooth in the styled shoot. This was such a dream come true. It was somehow even better when The Majestic Photobooth Co. told us that the photobooth was going to be functional for the shoot. The vendors and models had so much fun taking photos!

The beautiful floral arrangements and bouquets (plus the floral headband!) were created by Misha of Woodland Floral Design.

Special thanks to all vendors involved:

Vegas Themed Wedding Ideas & Tips

A couple goes in for a kiss at a wedding table surrounded by colorful flame decor and candles.

Incorporate pops of color

Pops of color are so in for weddings this year! A great way to add a little bit of Vegas to your big day is to incorporate these pops of color. (And yes, you can have an elegant aesthetic while being colorful.)

You can try utilizing deep reds, bright purples, neon oranges, or even pinks. Try incorporating them in unique ways, such as with your table linens, lighting, or floral arrangements. You could even incorporate the colors into your wedding party’s attire for the day.

Use a photo booth for a vintage feel

I absolutely loved having the photo booth at my styled shoot… but did you know you can also have a photo booth at your wedding? This is one of the best Vegas themed wedding ideas. You could even try to get a vintage-style one with fun, retro props like old-fashioned hats and feather boas.

The setup will be nostalgic but also fun. Plus, it will give everyone a fun memento to take home and is super interactive. If you want to go full-on vintage, you can also incorporate black and white or sepia filters on the images to give them a more “aged” look.

Have a casino night reception

If you love playing cards, you could also consider having a casino night reception or even having a few playing tables for fun! Even having someone come to teach guests how to play a few table games during the reception could be a fun, unique touch.

Instead of actually gambling (because it’s a wedding, after all), consider buying customized poker chips with the couple’s names and wedding dates to be used as the chips. Similar to the photos from a photo booth, these can make a fun, take-home memento for guests to take home if they partake in the festivities. 

A set up of colorful chairs and tables with flowers for wedding decor.

Get a customized neon sign

Incorporating a customized neon sign is such an easy way to add a Vegas-y touch to any wedding. We all know that Vegas has an iconic glow! These can be purchased from small businesses everywhere, but a great place to start your search is on Etsy.

Consider getting a sign with the couple’s names or even their wedding date. A neon sign serves as such a fun backdrop for the ceremony or reception. Plus, it’s an amazing photo-op! You could even put the neon sign right behind the couple’s table or at the entrance of the venue for that instant Vegas recognition. Be sure to take the neon sign home after; it would also be super fun in a home.

Rent a vintage car for a unique exit

If you want to have a Vegas-style exit, you could rent a vintage car. Opt for classic cars to try to lean into the old glamour of Las Vegas. You can always do a quick Google search to try to find the most popular old cars in Vegas, too. (But you can always opt for a traditional pink Cadillac!)

This is another addition that would make such a fun photo op not only for you and your partner but also for any guests in attendance if the car is outside prior to the exit.

A tablescape set for a Vegas inspired wedding.

Have mid-wedding entertainment

While this is a bit of an “out there” idea (I mean, you wanted Vegas, right!?), you could hire some mid-wedding entertainment! Even having an acrobat or two could add such a fun twist to a wedding. It’s really a unique non-traditional wedding idea that will have your wedding day remembered for years to come, not only by you and your partner but also by your guests.

Plus, by having acrobats, you can play into the traditional Cirque du Soleil shows that Las Vegas is pretty well known for.

Create Vegas inspired invitations

You can have the Las Vegas inspiration start way before the wedding, too. Create custom Las Vegas inspired invitations or save the dates for your wedding guests. Use Vegas inspired typography and pops of color, too.

There are lots of great wedding stationers who will create the most beautiful custom stationery for your wedding, too, if you want something more unique.

Have a buffet for dinner

Last but not least, you could also consider having a buffet for dinner. Las Vegas is pretty well-known for its buffets (it’s always a fight between whether Caesar’s Palace or the Wynn is better). Well, your wedding day buffet could actually be the best.

The buffet doesn’t have to be super fancy, either. Just pick some of your favorite foods as a couple and have those be featured throughout dinner. Or, consider a buffet-style dessert bar or something similar. Everyone will instantly get the Vegas inspiration!

A couple poses and laughs while holding flowers.

Final Thoughts: Vegas Style Wedding

Well, there you have it! I hope you enjoyed this post all about Vegas style wedding ideas. No matter what type of inspiration you take from Sin City for your wedding, I just know that you’ll have the absolute best time.Are you still looking for a photographer for your Vegas themed wedding? I’d love to learn more about your love story. Click here to get in touch!

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