How to Prepare for Rainy Day Wedding Photos

January 26, 2024

A couple walking away on a wet city street, sharing a clear umbrella with lights reflecting on the ground, creating a romantic urban scene.

Rainy day wedding photos can actually be incredibly beautiful! If you’re wondering about the possibilities, you’re in the right place.

As a Pennsylvania wedding photographer, I’ve captured many weddings and engagements, and some of them have been in the rain. However, wedding photos in the rain are honestly some of my favorites, and I have some tips and tricks up my sleeve to make sure that you really still enjoy your day.

Keep reading to learn all about how to prepare for rainy day wedding photos!

Meet the Couple: Kayla and Cortnee

Before we dive into the tips, let’s talk about the amazing couple featured throughout the blog post via photos: Kayla and Cortnee. They reached out to me because they were eloping at the courthouse and wanted some professional photos taken of them from their wedding day.

They were incredibly excited to elope and to make their day all about what made them the happiest, and that was just spending time together and having a quiet ceremony. They met at their workplace and were there for each other during their difficult times, which brought them closer together until they eventually went on their first date at the beach!

On the day of their wedding, it was raining, but I knew that meant the photos would be even more breathtaking. We took some time to chat beforehand because I wanted to ensure that they were okay with being outside in the rain. They were excited about the rain (woohoo!) and decided to embrace it, which made me incredibly happy – not every couple wants to go out in the rain.

We started the session at Lenox Lane, which is a secret, cute alleyway in downtown Lancaster. We then made our way downtown. It was December, so the holiday lights around the trees in the square made the photos even more magical as they glistened off the rainy sidewalks surrounding us.

After a while, we ended up at the Lancaster Central Market, and this is when it really started to rain more, so we ditched the clear umbrellas for good. Kayla and Cortnee had their first dance in the rain (and yes, it was just like the movies) and laughed and held each other the entire time.

How to Prepare for Rainy Day Wedding Photos

Now, let’s talk about how to prepare for rainy day wedding photos!

Have clear umbrellas ready

While some couples will want to shy away from the idea of taking photos on a drizzly day, others embrace it and use it to their advantage to capture some truly unique and unforgettable wedding photos.

However, to execute this, you need a few tricks up your sleeve… and clear umbrellas are one of them! Not only do they protect you from the rain (thus keeping your outfit dry) but also make for a fantastic prop in your images. With a clear umbrella, you can create reflections, play with light, and more.

If you have a clear umbrella of your own, definitely bring one, but more often than not, your photographer (like me) will have some clear umbrellas for situations like this if we know the rain is a possibility on your wedding day.

The same couple stands in front of a red door adorned with autumnal wreaths, holding a clear umbrella, smiling towards the camera.

Enjoy the rain

Now, this next tip may seem obvious, but enjoy the rain! Don’t be afraid to embrace the weather. It really will come across in your wedding photos. Plus, rain droplets honestly can create a moody atmosphere (more on that later) which will make your photos even more unique.

Your photographer will know how to make the most of the wedding conditions and capture stunning images despite the weather.

A playful and joyful dance in the rain, with one person twirling the other by the hand, both laughing and enjoying the moment on a wet cobblestone path.

Plan for a mix of indoor + outdoor locations

With unpredictable weather, it’s essential that you have a plan B in place for your photoshoot location. It’s always better safe than sorry! That’s where a mix of both indoor and outdoor locations can come in.

By considering both options, not only will you have more flexibility in case the weather gets worse, but it also provides more variety for the photos. For instance, maybe you know of a cafe nearby that you can duck into for a quick latte, or a pizza shop for some fun candids in case the weather gets a little rough partway through.

This is really a win-win situation that can make your wedding photos even more unforgettable. Just imagine the stories you’ll be able to tell!

A smiling couple in a rainy alleyway, with the person in a silver shirt embracing the one in a white dress, both gazing affectionately at each other.

Embrace the weather’s moodiness

One of the most fun aspects of rainy day wedding photos is that they can be so moody and romantic. Think about it – there’s obviously a reason so many rom coms have some scene of a couple kissing in the rain, right?

When you’re open to the moodiness that this type of weather can bring, it’ll add a touch of authenticity and depth to your wedding day photos. Seriously, don’t be afraid to dance in the rain or incorporate the misty surroundings into your photos.

As mentioned earlier, the key is really to be present and enjoy the moment.

The couple shares a kiss on a rain-kissed street, with a twinkling Christmas tree in the background and the glow of street lights.

Try colorful rain boots as an accessory

Now that you know all about the importance of having a clear umbrella to add to the ambiance, what if I told you that you could even add a touch of color if you wanted, too? Colorful rain boots can work as a fun accessory if you have any laying around.

You can consider matching your boots to your wedding colors or opt for a bright shade to add a fun touch of color to your photographs.

Protect your clothing as much as you can

Protecting your dress, suit, and shoes as much as you can (at least at the beginning of the photoshoot) will help to keep you warmer throughout the day. Luckily, umbrellas, as mentioned earlier, will definitely help with this!

As the photoshoot comes to an end, you can 100% start to have more fun in the rain if you don’t mind getting wet.

Walking under a transparent umbrella, the couple is captured from behind, with festive lights and a colonial building as the backdrop.

Communicate with your photographer

One of the most important things you can do is communicate with your photographer beforehand if rain is on the weather radar. Let your photographer know your comfortability with the rain and if you have any ideas.

Good communication is key to make sure that everyone is on the same page, no one is left disappointed, and that your pictures truly capture the feeling of your day. Plus, your photographer can help you stay prepared for any weather-related challenges that may come up.

A close, tender moment between the couple, framed by city lights and a rainy backdrop, as they gaze into each other's eyes.

Keep a positive attitude

Remember as well that you want to keep a positive attitude. While you most certainly didn’t plan on having rainy day wedding photos, it’s important to realize that the weather is out of everyone’s control. 

Your photographer will still be able to work with the rain to create unique and stunning photos that will be remembered for the rest of your life. Remember as well that your wedding day is about celebrating your love, regardless of the weather.

The couple is pictured in a warm embrace in the rain, framed by the brick buildings of a narrow alleyway, sharing a moment of laughter.

Have a backup plan if needed

The importance of having a backup plan can not be overstated as well! Sometimes light rain can unfortunately turn into more of a storm with wind, sleet, hail, or even thunder and lightning. If that happens, it’s always good to have other options available to you. 

An evening photo capturing the couple embracing under a tree with twinkling lights, creating a romantic city backdrop.

Final Thoughts: Rainy Wedding Day Photos

There you have it, my top tips for preparing and capturing wedding photos in the rain. With the right mindset and planning, you can turn unpredictable weather into a unique and memorable experience for both you and your loved one. Embrace it and create some really fun moments!

And if you’re still searching for a wedding photographer who knows how to work with all types of weather conditions, you can click here to get in touch!

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